A prayer for the rest of us: A prayer for artists and highly sensitive people

I recently finished reading The Artist's Way, a twelve-step program for recovering artists. In one of the weekly assignments, author Julia Cameron tasks us with writing our own Artist's Prayer.

A Prayer for the Rest of Us #

May we pay attention to the small things
Take long walks and move slowly
Eyes wide open to wonder & serendipity

May we nurture ourselves and our neighbors
Say I love you every day
In a hundred different ways

May we practice, practice, practice
Patience, generosity, curiosity
With ourselves and each other

May we create what we want to see more of
Write poems and recite them out loud
Conjuring energy like magic

May we follow our dreams
Devoted to work that matters
Hearts wide open to abundance & opportunity

May we hold it all lightly
Start tomorrow brand new
And remember to do the next right thing

a prayer for the rest of us hand written in black pen on white paper with a painted green and yellow checkered border

A prayer for artists, mystics, creatives, and spiritual people #

I wrote my Artist's Prayer after wishing I had a simple devotion to come back to that centered practice, nurturing ourselves and our neighbors, paying attention, and following our dreams.

Prayer is something that I abandoned after leaving the church at 18, but I've come back to the practice as I've gotten older and more grounded in my own spirituality. My intention for this prayer is that it serves those of us who aren't so much religious, but instead believe in the power of creating more of what we want to see more of — unconditional love, art, music, warmth, generosity, etc.

I hope it serves you and your family well!

Where to buy a print of "A Prayer for the Rest of Us" poem #

You can buy an 8" x 10" print of this prayer on my Etsy shop.

mockup print of a prayer for the rest of us from Sam Andrews Makes Etsy shop

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