Samantha Andrews

Hi! I'm Samantha Andrews—a designer and software developer making art, websites, zines, and stickers in New Mexico.

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My work focuses on closely examining the self and its relationship with technology, collecting and archiving digital memorabilia, and encouraging myself and others to slow down and make art.

I am compelled by the ways in which we use design and technology to write poetry, deepen our capacity for empathy, and strengthen local communities.

I see life as a practice. I'm currently practicing keeping promises to myself, doing cartwheels (badly), and identifying birds. I try not to take myself too seriously.

Previously, I taught computer programming to girls ages 11-18 with Girls Who Code and built geospatial web applications with Descartes Labs.

Now, I work as a frontend software engineer at the New York Public Library.

Recent writing

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  3. Creativity is a spiritual practice: A week-by-week synopsis of how The Artist's Way changed my life and helped me work through burnout

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