Samantha Andrews

Hi! I'm Samantha Andrews—a designer and software developer making websites, zines, and stickers in New Mexico.

My work focuses on closely examining the self and its relationship with technology, collecting and archiving digital memorabilia, and encouraging myself and others to slow down and make art.

Drowning in listicles about how to be more productive and social media apps that make me feel like I'm shouting into the void, I started asking myself: What if we wrote poetry in GoogleSheets? What if social media felt more like the public library? And how can UI design encourage creativity, connection, and civil discourse? What patterns exist beyond share, comment, and like?

I am compelled by the ways in which we use design and technology to write poetry, deepen our capacity for empathy, and strengthen local communities.

I see life as a practice. I'm currently practicing writing Morning Pages, doing cartwheels (badly), and identifying birds. I try not to take myself too seriously.

Previously, I taught computer programming to girls ages 11-18 with Girls Who Code and built geospatial web applications with Descartes Labs.

I make money by working as a frontend software engineer at the New York Public Library. I'm also currently buidling, a collective that provides support, direction, and learning materials to designers who are interested in taking the plunge into computer programming.

Recent writing

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