Samantha Andrews

Hi! I'm Samantha Andrews—a designer, web developer, and multimedia artist making the web a more fun and interesting place for everyone.

Death to boring websites #

The internet is a magical place full of possibility.

So why do I see so many slow, poorly-designed, and dare I say, boring websites?!

I specialize in building fun and interesting websites and web apps that make users say, "Wow! I've never seen anything like this before!"

I want you to feel confident that your online presence matches the effervescence of your brand, your personality, and your offering.

Who are you? #

Are you dreaming up the magical possibilities for your online presence right now? A custom online quiz reminiscent of the ones from Seventeen magazine? A custom Instagram filter? A button that spits glitter? Something totally weird and wacky that you've never seen anyone do on the internet before?!

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Why hire me to build your website? #

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Hey there! I'm Samantha ☺︎ #

I’ve been designing and building websites for the past 5 years and I’m here to make yours stand out!

My recipe for kick-ass websites is actually quite simple: clear and consistent messaging, fun and user-friendly design, and lightweight, super-fast code.

Some fun facts about me #

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