Samantha Andrews

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Hello! I’m Samantha Andrews, a designer and software developer making digital products for purpose-driven companies and a creative coach for busy professionals who want to design a creative life.

Design & Development

As a designer who codes, I enjoy the process of designing and building ambitious products from start to finish using modern tools. While I spend most of my time on the front end, I enjoy learning more about back-end architecture and data storage through personal projects.

Here's the technology I'm most familiar with...

  • Wireframing & prototyping: Figma, Adobe XD
  • Languages: TypeScript and JavaScript
  • Frameworks & libraries: React, React Native, MapboxGL, Redux, Gatsby, Eleventy
  • CSS: Flexbox, CSS Grid Layout, Sass, CSS in JS
  • Data storage: MySQL, Firebase
  • Other: Netlify, Netlify CMS

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Featured case study:

A personal project built using Firebase and Create React App

Creative Resources

I write articles and publish resources about how to build a centered and spacious  creative practice and how to change your life by launching meaningful side projects.

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A guide to help you find your creative flow and take actionable steps toward your dreams

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