I made 30 new outfits with this simple closet editing system

I recently drank a boba tea and filmed myself cleaning out my closet lol.

screen shot of inspiration/vision board
My inspiration/vision board

I strive to have a streamlined, capsule wardrobe, but my closet full of colorful, thrifted pieces makes this slightly more difficult. However, being the queen of pattern mixing that I am, I was able to create 30 outfits out of pieces I already own.

Here's my process:

  1. Make a vision board for your personal style
  2. Pull out all of your clothes
  3. Sort into 4 piles: (1) Pieces you love & wear all the time, (2) Pieces you no longer like (3) Pieces that you’d wear more if you got them tailored (4) Pieces that you like, but don’t wear as often as you’d like.
  4. Make new outfit combinations out of the pieces you wear all the time and the pieces you don’t wear often. Try things on!
  5. Take photos of the outfits you like & save them to an “outfits” photo album
  6. Once you’ve made all of your outfits, look back at your vision board & make a list of things you could buy that would be a welcome addition to your new capsule wardrobe

flat lay of all 30 outfits
These are all of the outfits I came up with

Video is linked below if you'd like to see the process in action.

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