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27 small projects to do at home

These times feel uncertain and scary. I’m worried about my aging grandparents and worried that this level of anxiety will become the new normal.

One thing I’ve learned in the past week is how social distancing helps slow down the spread of a highly contagious disease. Slowing the spread means healthcare facilities are less likely to become overwhelmed, which means they’ll be able to adequately care for people who need it. And while staying home or away from social gatherings feels extreme or uncomfortable, we know it works, which gives me hope.

If you’re practicing some form of social distancing this weekend, here are some questions that might help you see the silver lining during this uncertain time. Get out a journal or pen & paper and write down your answers! Make a list! Get those pencils moving!

As an introvert, social distancing isn’t out of my comfort zone. I find that by spending time alone I can find the clarity and peace I need to move about my day. Here is a list of activities that I enjoy doing alone. Take what you need and feel free to share.

  1. Write a letter
  2. Cook something with food already in your cupboards (DIY Chopped challenge!)
  3. Declutter your closet (or kitchen or garage or bathroom!)
  4. Mend a piece of clothing
  5. Write a poem
  6. Make a collage out of items from your recycle bin
  7. Make a "before I die" checklist
  8. Make a "things I’m scared of" checklist and commit to completing one of them in 2020
  9. Make a DIY face mask & have a spa day
  10. Paint your nails
  11. Collect a series of inspirational images and set them to rotate on your desktop background
  12. Call someone you love
  13. Learn something new: take an online class or workshop
  14. Play music
  15. Dance!
  16. Put on a cute outfit or makeup look and have a photoshoot
  17. Read a book
  18. Wash your car
  19. Go on a bike ride
  20. Go on a nature walk & look for birds
  21. Start working on a puzzle
  22. Draw or paint a picture of your pet
  23. Do some gardening or yard work
  24. Clean a pair of sneakers
  25. Take a personality test and thoroughly read your results
  26. Pray
  27. Read one of those really long New Yorker articles you've saved

If you are healthy and fortunate enough to work from home and/or still collect a paycheck during this time, here are some ways to help others in your community:

Stay safe & take care of each other, friends!

Here's a collage I made today as part of my social isolation. Featuring clippings from Oprah magazine.

Today I made a collage of myself as an artist, writer, programmer!

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