Samantha Andrews

My Commitment to Social Justice, Diversity & Inclusion

Let’s cut right to the chase:

I support racial justice for Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) and I am committed to being an inclusive, anti-racist organization #

This website is a space to help you build a creative practice and work on personal projects with joy and intention. But ultimately, I am always writing about digging deeper within ourselves to unearth what really matters.

What really matters is our shared humanity.

And I cannot, in good faith, continue to write about creativity and making art without acknowledging that racism, injustice, and oppression are keeping so many people from living an equitable and dignified life.

As a white person in America, I recognize my participation in the systems that were designed to oppress BIPOC, destroy their families, and silence their voices. I have knowingly and unknowingly upheld racist ideas and perpetuated racist ideologies in the past, and been silently complicit in maintaining norms that, at best, make BIPOC feel marginalized and undervalued, and at worst, have proven to be downright fatal.

For a long time I chose to ignore these issues, to push them off as someone else’s problem to solve. But this is a problem created by white people and the time is long overdue to clean up our own mess.

In June 2020, I signed the Anti-Racist Small Business Pledge, which means I will speak and act in ways that advance racial equity in society. I am working every day to educate myself and take actions in alignment with the anti-racist values I aim to uphold.

This document, which will be updated quarterly, will keep me accountable in accordance with that pledge. I aim to make progress in the four categories outlined below:

Self-education #

Financial support #

Diversifying my consumption #

Using my platform and voice #

This space is meant to be inclusive #

If you’re a BIPOC and you don’t feel welcomed or supported based on my words or actions, please call me out.

If you’re a white person and you see me doing something that is not in accordance with this anti-racist statement, please call me out.

Send an email to, mention me on Twitter, or reach out on Instagram.

I know I will make mistakes. I am making the commitment to acknowledge the conflict, allow space for community members to be heard and deal with the underlying issue rather than demonizing the person who raised the issue. Then, I will take action to implement the needs expressed by community members.

Actions taken #

July 2020 #

October 2020 #

January 2021 #

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