Samantha Andrews

Before I die, I will...

What do you want to contribute to the world before you die?

This question came to me in Alexandra Franzen's newsletter on December 3, 2020. In it, Alex shared her Before I Die, I Will... list. It was written in big letters and posted on a bulletin board.

Her list inspired me to write my own.

Here it is...

Before I Die, I Will... #

There are other things I could put on the list... like all of the places I dream of traveling or that I hope to one day decorate my home to look like a colorful, kitschy palace. But I felt moved to include these 12 items and leave it at that. This list feels exciting, motivating, and full of fun challenges. It doesn't feel overwhelming or fill me with anxiety, which is often how I feel when tasked with writing a bucket list or making a vision board.

Maybe you too just need to write your own list of 10-12 things to keep you focused on the big-picture? After you've written your list, can you focus on one item and get started right now? What if you break it down into its absolute smallest next step?

Even small, imperfect, unfinished projects can make a big impact.

my before I die checklist

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