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As a freelance content creator, I write and design blog posts and marketing materials that will intrigue your audience so you can start building a relationship with potential customers. Creating valuable content for your readers is the most effective way to get the word out about your product without sounding salesy. Using my content creation strategy and schedule, you'll quickly have people signing up for your lists, clicking your links, and buying your product.

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My Strategy

Step 1: We meet up over coffee (or conference call!) to discuss your unique business needs. I gain insight into your brand, your audience, and your goals for the upcoming months. I may have you complete a short online questionnaire at this point, just to make sure I'm absorbing all your juicy business details.

Step 2: I send you a creative brief with a 3-month content strategy and a complete list of potential blog posts + associated content, i.e. videos, illustrations, downloadable worksheets, etc.

Step 3: We create a submission schedule that works for you and I get to work!

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For $1,500/month you get:

  • 1 hour/month content strategy consultation
  • 4 researched and edited blog posts pertaining to your brand niche
  • Catchy, SEO optimized blog titles
  • Corresponding branded and stylized blog images
  • Branded and stylized images for Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ (other social media can be negotiated)

If you are interested in an every-other-month schedule for my services, I am happy to negotiate and work out a plan that works for your business' needs.

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Does not include:

  • Scheduling or posting to your website + social media - you will still have to upload all of the content to your various channels
  • Content promotion such as creating paid advertisements such as Google AdWords or Facebook Ads
  • Website management
  • Email marketing

Additional Services:

  • Ebook writing and formatting
  • Downloadable worksheets, one-pagers, and checklists that add value to your audience
  • Infographics
  • Zines

About Me

Hi, I’m Sam! A freelance content creator and strategist. I write and design website copy, blog posts, and other web-based resources that add value to your potential customers and keep them coming back for more.

Through my experience as a content creator, I’ve written about nursing education, compiled expert interviews for a preschool Spanish curriculum, designed free lesson plans and audio resources, and created one-pagers for a payment processing software company. I prefer to work with brands and businesses who are working hard to make the world a better place.

I believe that clear, consistent writing is the lifeblood of a successful brand. And really, it all comes down to trust. Your audience is more likely to trust a business that regularly writes and produces content that comes from a place of honesty and expertise.

I also believe any concept, no matter how complicated, can be broken down into an easy-to-understand business pitch or blog post. With every piece of writing I produce, I strive to make complex issues more simple. Everything I write is well-researched and expertly copyedited to ensure accuracy.

But I’m not only an expert writer and copyeditor. I’m also a graphic designer, and I believe these two skills paired together set me apart from the rest. Not only can I produce well-written content on a tight deadline, I can pair it with an infographic that illustrates the idea even more clearly through images and icons. If you’re wanting your audience to take action after reading your post, I can also design a downloadable worksheet or checklist that will inspire readers to take the next step.

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