Samantha Andrews


I am a multi-media artist, programmer, and writer based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. My work mostly explores human interaction with technology and capitalism.

In 2014 I graduated with a BA in Communication from the University of New Mexico. Several years later, I completed a software development bootcamp and started writing code for a geospatial data startup. During the in-between years I played music with an all-ladies punk band and reignited my childhood passion for creativity through zine-making.

Last year I struggled through a long period of burnout. As an ambitious overachiever, I had reached my limit — I started asking myself the hard questions: What parts of myself have I been neglecting? What do I want to do with my one beautiful life?

I read the Artist’s Way and started writing Morning Pages. This blog and website was born from the healing and clarity that came from resisting all of the traditional advice about starting a blog—There are no tracking links or cookies and I’m not concerned about optimizing keywords or counting page views. Just ideas, fun projects, and space to make mistakes.

I believe my purpose on this planet is to nourish myself and others with love, truth, beauty, creativity, and laughter. Thank you for being here. Now let’s get back to testing spaghetti recipes, shall we?

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