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Starting creative habits isn't easy.

Where do you start? How to you learn new skills? What if I don't know what my "passion" is?!

Hi, I'm Sam, a freelance graphic designer who still works a full-time job as a project manager. I started this blog as a space for other Nine-To-Fivers to find encouragement and resources that will help them build a more creative lifestyle, without the pressure and stress of quitting their job (yet!).

I provide useful tools and actionable exercises to help you find your inner creative and productivity tips to help you focus on the creative projects that bring you purpose, joy, and fulfillment.

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This website is for you if...

You work a 9-5 job in a non-creative field but want to start building a creative habit that will bring you joy and fulfillment.

You work a part-time job that isn’t fulfilling the creative requirement.

You feel like somewhere deep inside you is a creative spirit, but you have no idea how to unleash it.

You’re not sure where to start when it comes to “creativity” and it all feels very scary.

You feel overwhelmed by everyone on the internet encouraging you to start a business, monetize your blog, and build an email list.

You just want to start a creative project and see where things go from there.

Here are some of my best posts to get you started

Check out my free resources page for more goodies such as a printable creativity workbook and a creative manifesto.

I highly recommend downloading my free 4 page guide "Resources and Habits To Jumpstart A Creative Lifestyle" to get a glimpse into some systems and tools that can help you schedule creative activities into your daily routine.

My Story

At age 24 I thought I had it all figured out. I had my bachelor’s degree, I was financially independent with a full-time job, I had a supportive partner who I loved, and I spent my free time with a great group of friends. And yet, something was missing. I felt a pull toward creative endeavors such as graphic design, screen printing, video editing, and photography, but felt lost when it came to implementing any of these creative pursuits into my already busy lifestyle. Working 9-5 just doesn’t leave much time or space for creative endeavors, especially when you are starting from scratch!

I knew that the first step involved getting back in touch with my inner creative child. So I reminisced on a time when working on creative projects felt as natural as breathing to me. As a kid, arts and crafts time was my favorite. I liked writing plays and making my own newsletters. I made bracelets and dioramas and covered everything in macaroni and glitter. But as I got older, other things took priority. Schoolwork, high school sports, applying to university, working, graduating from university, and getting a “grown-up” job took over most of my time and psyche. Before I knew it, I was 24 and felt completely detached from my creative side. But I knew that somewhere deep down inside, she was still there, I just had to put my focus in the right place.

I started reading books about creativity and following bloggers who talked about building creative habits. Most of these blogs are for people already working in a creative industry, such as freelance photographers, writers, and designers. The content was super helpful, but I found myself pulling from various experts to create a system that worked for my 9-5 lifestyle. I had no intention of leaving my full-time job to pursue a creative career full-time, because this was all still just an experiment. Plus I didn’t want to feel the pressure of making my creative activities my only source of income. This creative stuff is supposed to be fun, not stressful.

I started writing about my process and projects that lit the creative fire within me, which is how this blog was born. I hope you stick around to make some creative magic with me.

Professional Bio

Samantha Andrews is a writer, graphic designer, and content marketer who works with companies in the lifestyle, health care, creative technology, and personal development industries. Samantha holds a BA in Communication from the University of New Mexico. She recently illustrated #100Catsin100Days as part of her 100 Days Project. She is currently learning about design thinking through a course called Design Kit: The Course for Human-Centered Design. You can learn more about Sam's projects at

Drop me a line at to get in touch.

Performing with my band, Litter Brain!

Performing with my band, Litter Brain!